Aemula Oldies S Mod Tutorial

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Yes this is a half complete tutorial for getting your own DOS games on a nonjailbroken iphone, made so easy so anybody can complete it! A huge thanks to the developer of aemula and Menneisyss for his work to get custom games on aemula.


1) get Aemula Oldies for iPhone/iPad

2)open aemula and run Commander keen 4(the game)

3)get winimage

4)get iExplore

5)get idoshacker&

6)edit stdhdr.ima in winimage and adding the game files, keep in mind you only have 1,312,768 Bytes to work with. once your

7)save the disk image and exit.

8)drag and drop stdhdr.ima on to WinImage2iDOS.bat wait for a Tmpfile.tmp to apear in the directory and idosboot.dump should have 1.44mb

9)rename idosboot.dump to keen4.im1

10)in iExplore go to the path “(idevicename)/applications/aemulaoldies/library/;/”

11)replace keen4.im1 on iexplorer with the one you created on your computer.

12)reboot aemula.

Mac/linux Version comming soon with pictures and possibly a video!


10 comments on “Aemula Oldies S Mod Tutorial

  1. Francis says:

    Hi, perhaps you the image can be re-sized to 2.88M and have a bit more space (for Civ1 for example).

  2. Marco says:

    News about Mac version?

    • I may not publish it becouse of time constraints but actually it is pretty almost identical, if not easier. the .ima files can be read natively by any mac. Rename the .ima to .img edit the disk image and use the dd command in terminal to merge into the idosboot.dump , rename that to .im1 and the image is ready for aemula.

      • Marco says:

        But i ve read more problem about some games…was a list of working games? Or best a pack of games ready to download and put in the app folder?
        Another question…
        For keymapping a existing game? Like prince of persia…i ve some problem with ICADE, specially with the fire button ( in the virtual joy the 1 and 2 button )

        Tk s a lot!

      • Check touch arcade forums, there is some prepackaged games available for download and more tutorials. iCade controller support is available I think there but I haven’t looked into it as I don’t have an iPad or iCade but I will read up on it.

      • I updates the zip file to include files and tutorial for Mac, however I am unable to update the main tutorial here as I am away from my computer.

      • Marco says:

        The zip was idoshacker&
        Tomorrow i test all…

        Very tk s!

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  4. que? es posible que uso tus juegos en Aemula Oldies. solo menos que 2.88 Megabytes. no se mucho espanol o la haria un version en espanol.

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