iGB Emulator: Mobile Controls

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

What stumped me for the longest time was how to implement a fast and working control system on mobile devices. Most Javascript games do not work on mobile devices as they do not have a keyboard that is present 24/7 and not get in the way of the game or app. Most implementations I have seen involve spoofing a keyboard using some clever JS to fake keyboard input. I tried this for the iGB Emulator and noticed a substantial drop in frame rate. Then I decided to go back to basics using something like this, “<input id=”gb_OnKeyDown_Event(e)” type=Button” value”SELECT” onfocus=”this.blur();” onclick=gbPin15&=0xF7/> ” and It works, the current demo is available online at http://gb4iphone.x10.mx/applist.html and the current stable release will be available on the source forge within a week. I have left out Base64 Game loading for the moment because it was too buggy and caused Mobile Safari to crash. I have currently only tested it on iOS 5.1.1 on an iPhone and iPad.


Source is avalible here:


Update: On iOS 6.1.2, iPhone 4 the emulator frame rate has increased and is sitting around 30-40 FPS, also I have noticed the bug with the keyboard not reseting after the buttons were being pressed, fix will be arriving shortly. Also new features for iOS including uploading your own games locally using a 3rd Party browser with file upload, and Base64 uploading for Mobile Safari users.


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