A Word of Warning (updated)

Monday, April 28th, 2014

My former site where I host most of my projects has been removed, without contact or legitimate reasoning.  The staff of x10 hosting, has not even replied to my numerous emails regarding a read-only FTP download to my site to retrieve my files.  They have seized the domain and all control over the login and FTP.  Control has been transferred to an “Atlantic Coast Fantasy Football League” , to why they would need the URL gb4iphone.x10.mx is beyond me as well.  They have not replied to numerous emails regarding the matter as well. To all those seeking a reliable, webhost, avoid x10 Hosting and their affiliates.Image

As of Today, all work on Vynal, iGB Emu, FreeWifi4myi Teathering, and other projects hosted via x10 Hosting have been officially discontinued and support will not be offered, due to not having recent backups of the files locally.  All open source software hosted via Source forge will remain, but no longer receive active updates.  New projects will be hosted here, if any.  x10 Hosting has had a very un-professional, childish act of surrendering the site to the highest bidder and refusing to at least return my files and work.

EDIT:  I understand that my projects were hosted under the x10 free hosting.  Free being free, and I should have expected the downtime.   Projects listed in this page have all but been discontinued, except for iGBEmu, which I do hope to return at some point(it is still dormant until further notice)


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