x86 Emulator Reaches the Appstore, and other updates

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Link to download PowerDOS from the iTunes App Store:


Not my release, just here to inform the emulation crowd regarding of iDOS 4.  A 3rd party developer has repackaged and released the source code for DOSPAD.  It is in violation of GPL, as the developer did not also release the source code for the slightly modified binary, but I think it is ok to let that slide, due to the possibility of getting your Apple Developer account suspended.  All functions work, iExplorer, iFunbox, or similar transfer utility is necessary to achieve file transfer to the DOS filesystem(Think iDOS 2.0.1).I can verify it works on iOS 7 and should work on iOS 8.  It also supports the higher screen resolution of the 5S and 6+.  MSDOS compatibility is the same, as it is based on dosbox .74.

Secondly, I am posting to say, I am still alive.  Also for those who know me from the NDS Homebrew scene, I have one more work that I plan to release, to say farewell to the scene(probably).  Also, I am thinking of resuming work on the Vynal Project and other related projects(iGB, iZX, iNES emulators).  Perhaps a late spring/early summer release of a new version of iGB would be enjoyable.

That is all.


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