I am a self taught software and electronics developer. I have built computers and various small electronics(trinkets). I have also built apps for the platforms including the windows and Mac and mobile platforms such as j2me, iOS HTML5, and the Nintendo DS.  Projects I under groups of classes, Active projects are projects that are in the planning, testing, building and revising phase.  Dormant class projects, are projects that are not under current use/development or minimal mantinance.  Retired projects, have been completed and future revisions are not planned.


Page Last Update:  Feb 15 2018

Active Projects:

  1.  CoreServices:  Linux Server with realtime tracking assets, and other services I and those I know can make use of.

Dormant Projects:

  1. NDSMediaCentere:  Multimedia suite based on mooneshell for the the ARM9 @166MHz
  2. Vynal:  iOS alternate AppStore, not requiring root access(jailbreak)
    1. Updated 2012-2014
  3. iGB Emulator:  Gameboy Emulator for iOS 4-7 in Javascript.  Available through Vynal without a jailbreak.
    1. Updated 2011-2014

Retired Projects:

  1. vidSeekJ:  J2ME video player, and codec for watching videos at 10FPS on a Samsung Java Mobile telephone.  Used Sequential frames at ~10FPSs, mono audio and 96×96 video.
    • Source-  Lost to History(a bad hard drive), Last updated(?)


Update Chain:

Dec.  29 2015

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