Introducing Vynal

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

I am pleased to show my latest creation Vynal! It started as a portal to host html5 experiments may hopefully expand into a useable platform for users and developers to locate and host non-jailbreak tweaks and  It has been in development since June 2013 and supports all iDevices, regardless of the firmware! Vynal is like an alternative to Cydia, and a less buggy HTML5 App Market.  The selling point is that it does not involve jailbreaking. Vynal is capable of installing (somewhat limited) themes, Apps and more(will not disclose at this moment as it is not ready for public release). There will be a code that apps/themes will have to abide by (no adware) and all apps/themes will have to be tested by a trusted third party or me. The specifications for app install will be available on this site soon. Extensions will also be present, although limited by OS/Webkit, I will create and host (hopefully)open source frameworks and SDK’s for this new distribution outlet, durring the first few months of public trial, all media on the store will be free, although in the coming months, I may implement a store in which apps/tweaks/themes can be purchased for currency. I re-begin work on multiple emulators for consoles  that will run on iOS with BASE64 upload on any non-jail broken devices(over iOS 4.3.x + on emulators because of the Nitro JS engine). I am also willing to host almost any app, as long as it is to vinyl’s guidelines and is less than  50 Megabytes per app, as server space is limited, but this may change in the future. I have already began porting emulators: Gameboy, NES , MSX,ZX Spectrum 48k emulators and many more comming soon!

To The Developers:

Please visit to locate the latest submission guidelines. Also for the sake of saving space, certain libraries will be hosted on a permanent location on the server to prevent duplicates, please keep this in mind when developing apps, and server-side storage is not available for apps specific users, use Offline-Cache Manifest instead, If I do switch servers this may change but as of the time of posting, this is the official implemented guidelines. The included libraries are iWebkit 5.04, jquery-min-1.4.2,nds-web-lib.js ,node.js, and a few more. I hope this branches out into something larger, making un-official tweaks and apps available to iOS users.

To get the 1st beta release of Vynal please check here on 8, August 2013.

woow there, enable images-Vynal Screencapture here.  Vynal screenshot1Vynal screengrab 1


4 comments on “Introducing Vynal

  1. Charlton Pritchett says:

    Hi! I stumbled across Vynal today looking for a NES emulator for ios7. You app seemed cool so I downloaded it! However, I can’t get anything to download from the app. Can you help me?

    • Hello, thanks for taking an interest in my projects. Well to install Vynal, you can visit and it will automatically send you to the vynal installer or just click this if your are running iOS 7 and it will take you to the installer. There your can go under All applications and find the iNES emulator, or which ever other programs you wish to use. Although bear in mind these projects are under development still and the ROM loading functionality has been removed to copyright. The latest includes (somewhat) usable controls and has BASE64 loading of custom ROMS on client side. Also the bug where you cannot download applications may be iOS 7 specific, however I cannot test on iOS 7 atm so any and all information will be helpful.

  2. Tony says:

    You have a great thing going been looking awhilefor an easy to get and use cracked App Store or something like it hope you can get this app running for iOS 7 can’t wait!

    • Myself, I cannot and do not condone Piracy OR Cracked apps, as both are illegal. I will not enable pirated copies of ROMS, this will only run homebrew(until I can create a piracy check, to stop pirates). iOS 7 support will come as soon as I can get an upgradeable device,(iPhone 3Gs and iPod Touch 4G). Thanks for the interest in these projects, however this does not install cracked applications, just Emulators as well as other HTML5 or side-loaded code.

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